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Do’s and Don’ts for Homeowners

Preventive care for your septic system can save you a lot of money. Our professionals listed below some suggestions for homeowners that can help you to reduce service calls and replace parts less often.


  • Keep adequate chlorine in the chlorination device at all times to maintain the system properly
  • Spread out doing laundry over a period of days since doing it all in one day can overload your system
  • Pump your aerobic unit every two-to-four years depending on use
  • Clean the system completely (all three chambers) when it is pumped. Partial cleaning will lead to having your system pumped more than needed
  • Contact South Texas Environmental whether you need Texas State mandatory inspection, liquid chlorinators in Waller, a Hoot door in Brazoria or almost any other septic system part, service or maintenance


  • Use your garbage disposal excessively since this puts excess organic material in your system that will not biodegrade
  • Flush bleach products or cleaning material down the sink because this kills beneficial bacteria and will cause your system to have an odor
  • Use liquid fabric softeners because hey bind the organics in the system and don’t allow them to biodegrade

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